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Antibacterial Fucidin cream Fusidic acid cream for external use. Refers to a group fuzidin. The mechanism of action is associated with inhibition of protein synthesis in the microbial cell by inhibiting factor required for translocation of the protein subunits and peptide chain elongation, which leads eventually to the death of the parasite. It is highly active against gram-positive bacteria. Fucidin cream 2

After the topical preparation in the form of a Fusidic acid cream 2 or ointment fusidic acid to a minor extent penetrate into the systemic circulation (0.54% of the applied amount of the drug). Dermatologic reactions (listed in descending order of frequency of occurrence): itching, irritation, burning and stinging, dry skin, rash (erythematous, papular-makulo, pustular), contact dermatitis, eczema, erythema, periorbital edema.